How to choose well

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How to choose well?

“How to choose well” is the section of this site that deals with the mistakes we make in our life choices. Will we clarify every single mistake?

Luis Pisoni and Aurora Mazzoldi with the protagonist of the Verdi Opera "Rigoletto", who didn't know how to choose well
Luis Pisoni and Aurora Mazzoldi , authors of the book  “The Power of Targeted Choices – 11 simple steps to better living” Here they are with the protagonist of the Verdi Opera “Rigoletto”, a desperate bad chooser.

No! This would be impossible. We will mainly focus on finding the basic choices, their wrong settings, the choices that make us repeat the same mistake over and over. We will do this by:

A part of this section, entitled “Obey, or rebel, or not care about?” deals with a topic of the book which speaks of ‘Rules and limits’ and gives the example of a person who has lived through and solved this problem.

Another part makes it clear why the book on “The Power of Targeted Choices” has been written and what it is for.

Luis Pisoni