Searching within

Searching within ourselves is beautiful

.Searching within.“Know thyself” in Greek. Wikimedia Commons. Photo Mladifilozof
“Know Thyself” in Greek. Wikimedia Commons. Photo Mladifilozof.

Self-knowledge is recommended by the great philosophical systems of antiquity and by the great religions. It is not only our right but is also our primary requirement. This need is just as important as the discovery of the world around us.

Recovering this sense of discovery of the surrounding world that we had as children can make our lives much more interesting.

Starting an inner journey to discover ourselves is fascinating. The inner world is no less interesting and beautiful than the external one. We often like to spend vacations in other countries as tourists. Have we ever thought we can spend vacations, much closer to hand, dedicated to discovering ourselves?

In the distant past, tourism barely existed, and the exploration of the world was a task for explorers and researchers who then described their journeys. People read and dreamed.

Later, we realized that we could travel and explore for ourselves and discover for ourselves what the explorers could not tell us. Meeting different people, even in places that are not too far away from home, now satisfies us more than reading Stanley’s or Livingstone’s journals.

An inner journey. Searching within ourselves.

Equally, exploration to discover our inside world may become more fascinating than reading psychoanalytic texts.

This attitude of research, both outside and within ourselves, has been summarized as follows by the Spanish poet Ramón Jiménez:

“Don’t let a day go by

without catching its secret, big or short.

Let your awake life

be a daily discovery. [1][2] [3]”

Luis Pisoni


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