Introspective Groups

Introspective groups

Introspective groups bring people together and create a protected environment in which to

Introspective groups in Rome
Introspective group in Rome, with Aurora Mazzoldi and Antonella Giannini

experiment freely.

In this context participants, moving from interpersonal relationships, are guided to gradually contact themselves and their own inner world. This way they work with others to work on themselves.

I start from the Yalom’s concept of MICROCOSM, but I turn to the inner microcosm, made up of parts (or subpersonalities) that build up our personality.

It is difficult to delve into its complexity, due to the rigid control of rationality, which creates resistance and blocks any intrusion attempts.

Working with introspective art

To recognize and disarm resistances, we recur to introspective art.

Through the active observation of a painting it is possible to reach inner silence. This allows you to detect the interferences of rationality, and to observe them until they slow down and weaken. This way you can reach a deeper level, where you start to get in touch, through further observation, with some emotions that you usually don’t notice.

These emotions often scare us, or we judge them wrong and unacceptable. Consequently, we tend to deny and inhibit them in our daily lives.

Through introspective groups you can reawaken dormant emotions and learn the healthy way to welcome and manage them.

It is important to acquire this competence, because our most frequent ailments are often caused by repressed or denied emotions.

Work groups could then be somehow compared to a gym where you train to get results.

Antonella Giannini

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