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How can an introspective group work give tools for everyday life to face practical problems, such as personal, relationship, family, or work

Group work in Calceranica (Italy)
Group work in Calceranica (Italy)


We are very well aware of the malaise that often affects all of us. We may not know how to define or explain it, but none of us can ignore the driving force that leads us to look for someone or something that makes it vanish or attenuate.

Maybe you can’t even understand what is happening within yourselves. But what is immediately clear is the need to get out of it as soon as possible.


Why join an inner research group?

In such a state of despair and restlessness, it can seem absurd to join a group to treat problems together, and to look jointly for answers to inner questions. It can be difficult to realize how such an experience might be helpful.

This is the FIRST HURDLE that we cross when we set out on an inner research path and we decide to follow it in group.

We should accept this hurdle because it is basically made by inner resistances, such as the fears that emerge when it comes to showing hidden parts of our personality (e.g. moods, shyness, reluctance to open up to others).

 What is the purpose of processing experiences?

Another hurdle is the today’s widespread trend to seek solutions that are superficial, perhaps only temporary, but above all rapid and immediate.

We are told that only through shortcuts we can reach our goal. They fascinate and attract us, and we go on this way, even if the results are clearly unsatisfactory.

Thinking of participating in a group work, where you can bring your own experience, among strangers, without then receiving real and immediate solutions … what will it be useful for?

Is it an unnecessary waste of time?

Someone could find it better to resort to some kind of external solution, less tiring and above all quick and painless.

Who solves my problems?

Is it, perhaps, better to look for someone who tell us how to solve a problem, than to get knowledge of how to reach an autonomous management of our lives?

Of course, this would be a seriously reductive and misleading interpretation of what is really meant by group work.

And the following text will demonstrate how group work can be extremely effective to acquire self-knowledge. With it we also achieve a greater equilibrium in living relationships with others. Group work has therefore become the subject of research and many discussions, that have clarified and deepened its potential and effectiveness.

In another page I will mention some studies on this subject and explain the introspective perspective of the groups I lead.

Antonella Giannini

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