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Why the book “Introspectivity – Who Is Choosing My Life?

Copies of the book "Introspectivity. Who Is Choosing My Life?" by Luis Pisoni & Aurora Mazzoldi
Copies of the book “Introspectivity. Who Is Choosing My Life?” (Italian edition) by Luis Pisoni & Aurora Mazzoldi

A book about introspection should face the problem of how our choices influence our everyday life.

To solve this problem, I should detect who is choosing my life inside me.

Therefore, this book does not teach how to ‘decide well’ but rather how you can ‘put yourself in the condition to decide.

Many times, we know what the right decision is but we don’t make it. Why?

Because often our emotions don’t only prevail over reasoning but condition it and decide its logic instead. Try, for example, to make a choice when you are angry and then try to make the same choice in fear! In both cases, the logic of the choice will seem valid to you but is the choice the same?

The influence of emotions

Emotions are stirring within us as if they were children in a classroom. How does the teacher manage the class if they do not learn to get to know their students?

And this is the purpose of the book:

  • To learn about the jumble that is stirring in us.
  • To realize that those who shout louder are not always right.
  • So as not to be influenced by:
    • Unsatisfactory expectations and desires.
    • Emotions that distract us from our true goals.
    • Schemes that we feel we must follow even if we do not approve of them.

Only after putting our internal selves in order will we be able to choose freely, not following the emotion that screams louder or what we think we should do but what corresponds to what we are and to what we want to achieve in our lives.

In this way, I can try to stop making Bad Choices and decide who is choosing my life.

Luis Pisoni