Emotional Forces

Emotional Forces

"The Choice" - Emotional Forces (detail); acrylic on canvas; Aurora Mazzoldi
“The Choice” – Emotional Forces (detail); acrylic on canvas; Aurora Mazzoldi

“Emotional Forces” in my introspective paintings refer to forces that are within us. They can vivify us, support us, make us active and give us a boost to fulfill our dreams. Where do they come from? We live always in an ocean of forces. We breathe them, and we feed on them. Our body is a machine that transforms air and food into energy, into movement, into thoughts, into action.

It is our responsibility how we use these forces, which target we choose, what we want to get, because our emotional forces flow where our wishes go and where we focalize our attention. Our life results from how we use them, because nothing should be impossible and nobody should be able to compel or limit us. The most of us use them to remain mediocre, to get tied up in a bunch of senseless skirmishes. We live meaningless lives that grieve us; we entrap ourselves in a net of obligations, of envy, possessiveness and games. We don’t use forces to become free, but to create new knots.

Not everybody would like to hear these things, but we build our lives on them. There is no lucky or unlucky in this world. There is only a person who uses forces to reach success or a person who uses them to fail. Life is only one time, and it is a unique experience. On my way to introspectiveness, there are no right or wrong emotional forces; only we get exactly what we are looking for.

We run into power games

To get it, we create absurd situations and characters; we run into power games and build an illusionary world around us. We get lost in our imagination, just like children in a funfair. We fear that reality will turn off the lights of our imaginary carousel and make our life miserable. However, acting this way, we create imaginary worlds that are full of fear, uncertainty and dread. And this, too, turns into reality.

In this way, we enter a vicious circle where one thing drags another, and we get lost in a superficial and unsteady world. Since we are afraid of this situation, we avoid coming in contact with reality and we look for illusions, hoping to get from them a truth they have not. Sometimes we don’t like reality, but only by living in narrow contact with it, life has a meaning and we can appreciate its worth.

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In my introspective art”… everything we do is potentially a game and we are the ones who program it! Life gives us a wide range of possibilities and every choice we make, determines a very definite path. Our preoccupations and fears can turn this path into a drama, even if our partners have made exactly the same choices as we. Our encounters are not predestined…”.

“…Personality acts despite us. It is as if we had entrusted our life to it. We are no more free to choose. It will face whatever happens in our place, and it will cause us to get always the same choices. We become foreseeable. Sometimes we notice we are repetitive, but we say to ourselves, ‘I am this way!’…”.

The Mechanisms of Personality

The links underneath show “how our inner movements can change outer reality. We build a spiral and we are in the center. Even if we have the impression that outer circumstances provoke our moods (outer indifference causes despair, an outer delay causes our impatience and so on, our moods depend instead on how we decide to react to them. My acrylic paintings show the thought forms and the invisible forces that surround us…”

The Spiral of Life