Aurora Mazzoldi CV

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Aurora Mazzoldi’s CV

Since Aurora Mazzoldi is both a painter and a writer, she has two separate curricula.

Aurora Mazzoldi’s CV 1—Activity as a writer and lecturer

Since 2015 Aurora Mazzoldi writes books and uses her paintings for workshops and lectures together with psychologist Antonella Giannini and other speakers.

In that year, she has built in Italy an association for Inside Search (Osservatorio Interiore a.p.s.) together with Luis Pisoni (her co-author) and psychologist Antonella Giannini. She carried out an intense program of lectures and workshops on

Knowing ourselves through introspection and introspective paintings

Cover of "the Power of Targeted Choices"

She wrote some books on this matter:

  • Aurora Mazzoldi and Luis Pisoni, The Power of Targeted Choices, Independently published (Amazon)
  • Aurora Mazzoldi, Il Dono di Aurelia (The Aurelia’s Gift), independently published (Amazon)
  • Aurora Mazzoldi, Le mie Madri – Arte Introspettiva (My Mothers—Introspective Art). Self-published (curated by Ass. culturale Napoli Nostra)
  • Aurora MAZZOLDI, Monografia, Immaginaria Editrice, Collana LE Monografie XIII, Cremona, 2008

Aurora Mazzoldi CV2 Exhibitions


  • 2014 Trento – Buonconsiglio Castle. Speaker at the conference, How to cure through Art (Come Curare Con l’arte)”. She exhibits there her series of paintings entitled “Mothers (Le Madri)” and presents her Introspective Art.
  • 2014 Triennial in Rome
  • 2014 Naples Modern Art Gallery “Le Porte”

    2014 Buonconsiglio Castle - A step in Aurora Mazzoldi's CV
    Aurora Mazzoldi’s paintings and conference at the Buonconsiglio Castle. Trento (Italy), 2014.
  • 2013 Arte Padova – Padova Fair. Exhibition + conference
  • 2013 Florence, Bellini Museum. Solo exhibition and presentation of the book “Le Mie Madri – Arte Introspettiva (My Mothers—Introspective Art)”
  • 2013 Rome. Vatican Gallery, “La Pigna”. Solo exhibition and presentation of the book “Le Mie Madri – Arte Introspettiva (My Mothers—Introspective Art)”.
  • 2012 Roma, Venanzo Crocetti Museum. “Omaggio a Caravaggio (a tribute to Caravaggio)”
  • 2012 Roma, Museum of “La Sapienza” University, “Grand’Expo Alla Sapienza”
  • 2012 Roma, “L’Agostiniana”,  “I Big dell’Arte Contemporanea”
  • 2011 Roccamonfina, Magma Museum,“Gli Abiti del Male (The Habits of Evil”
  • 2010 Trento, office building of Trento City Hall (Thun Palace), Solo Show
  • 2010 Monreale, “G. Sciortino” Museum,“ Contemporary Italian Art”
  • 2010 Salò, Coen Palace, Solo Show
  • 208 Cremona, “Immagini Spazio Arte” Gallery, Solo Show, sponsored by Province and City of Cremona
  • 2008 Catania, Accademia Federiciana (Frederick Academy) “Rassegna di Arte Visiva” (Fine Art Fair)
  • 2007 Trento, Office Building of Trentino-Alto-Adige Region, Solo Show
  • 2007 Venice Biennial—Participation in PIQUADRATO installation (P3 Project)
  • 2007 Florence Biennale


2011 Buenos Aires, Roca Museum, «Show Art Internacional Artistas del Mundo 2011» (Premio de Honor – Honor Award)

2010 Buenos Aires, «Show Art Mumin Museum» (Premio de Creatividad – Creativity Prize)

2009 Buenos Aires, «Show Art Roca Museum» (Menciòn de Honor – Honorable mention)



2006-2007 Salzburg Artist House“Zwischendurch: Diverse Tätigkeiten (Meanwhile Various Activities)”

2005-2006 Salzburg Artists House “Blick A, Blick B (Sight A, Sight B)”


2011 Mannheim, Boehner Gallery, Solo exhibition

2008 Hamburg, Marziart Studio, Solo exhibition

2007 Stuttgart Town Hall, “ItaliArts”

2006-2007 Karlsruhe Artists House



2009 Dublin, “Ireland Art”



2008 Barcelona, Salon de Invierno

2007 Barcelona, Galleria Esart



2009 Budapest, Opera Gallery Budapest, European Contemporary Party (exhibition of artists from 27 EU countries),

2006 Balatonfüred, Balaton Szabadidõ és Konferencia Központ (Balaton multipurpose center), solo exhibition



2008 New York, Agora Gallery, “Figuratively Speaking”

2008 Miami, MOA (Museum of the Americas), “International Artists’ Group”

2008 New York, Art Expo

2007 New York, Agora Gallery, “The Odyssey within – fine art from Greece and Italy “


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